Feb 23
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Current Disruptions and Implications for Business

CPM Sri Lanka
Reserve your spot today! For more info, Vinura; +94 11 (0) 2590995 or +94 11 (0) 3150828 Email - [email protected] Register -  http://bit.ly/2NxHilU It is apparent that there is a profuse attention to curtailing the spread of COVID-19 and economic downturn. We need to shed light on a wide array of human activities from households to the corporate sphere. Management professionals, thinkers and academics need to come forward and address some of key thematic areas that need to be pondered since they offer useful considerations for both managers as well as leaders to realign their activities.  We need more and more leaders who sees the big picture through what appears to be inchoate notions. The COVID -19 is a transitional as well as a transformational testing imperative for us to learn fast and lead appropriately. Let’s hear it through the CPM International Management Conference – 2021.   Day 01 (23rd February 2021: 02.00pm- 05.30pm)
  • Keynote–Current Disruptions and Implications for Business: Managing
  • Panel Discussion-Relearning of Fundamentals in ‘New Normal’ and Retrospection for Future
  • Summing Up
  Day 02 (24th February 2021: 02.00pm- 05.30pm)
  • Keynote – Current Disruptions and Implications for Business: Leading
  • Panel Discussion-Strategic Leadership Agenda for Economic Revival and Thriving
  • Summing Up
  Eminent speakers & panellists both local and foreign will participate at the event *A link to join the virtual conference will be sent to the registered participants closer to the Conference.  

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