Apr 28
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

CPM Live Webinar – Raising the Retirement Age; pros and cons

CPM Sri Lanka
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“The Government of Sri Lanka has declared its intention to revisit the retirement age of employees for varied reasons.

Everyone recognizes the right to retirement of an employee from his working life with a pension. Retirement age differs across the world, generally between 50 and 70 and we recognize 55 as the working life limit. Usually, self-employed people and business innovators tend to retire later than paid employees. The wealth of the country, average life expectancy and socio-economic paradigms also impact the age when people can retire and get a pension.

There are those who wish to retire early but others would rather work longer. Factors such as financial stability, better health conditions and social acceptance lead people to continue. While these factors would lead to a contented society, there is also the financial cost of extended work and the task of securing employment opportunities for the younger population.

The debate goes on. But now push has become shovel with the Government about to take up the issue in Parliament.

CPM Sri Lanka is providing a platform to our members and to the public to listen to experts trying to demystify the issue. After all it impacts all our members either as an employer or employee.”

Let’s hear it through the 24th edition of EFM.   

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