Kiron Shenoy


Over a Christmas lunch my daughter K and my son in law G talked about “embracing yourself”.

In these times of COVID when embracing others is a taboo-is it not so wonderful a thought that one can embrace oneself! Right from my younger days I was always the one in my peer circle who embraced himself and accepted the person that I am. I was unique and had my own identity. I loved it and I embraced it!!

The occasional introspections revealed the chinks in my armor and so did my loved ones, when they felt hurt at some of my comments. So, I had to change myself and make myself a better person within so that I can embrace myself better.

In the years that have gone by I have noticed the reluctance of people not only to physically embrace others but also to embrace oneself. It is a wonderful feeling of existence when you are at peace with yourself and embrace yourself in a wholesome way. You will blossom to be a naturally beautiful person who does not have to put a façade but shine from within because you have whole heartedly embraced yourself.

So, in 2021-embrace change, do embrace your loved ones and surely start embracing yourself. Your natural self will be in complete sync with the natural world.

May you have a beautiful, loving, healthy and peaceful New year 2021!

Kiron Shenoy

Fellow Member of CPM Sri Lanka

Chief Executive Officer

Toppan Forms (Colombo) Ltd

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