CRMC Research Paper Presentation

The Research Paper presentation was held on 4th September 2018 from 13.00 – 18.00, prior to the CRMC 2018 inauguration session which was headed by Mr Vijayapala Sinnathamby with presentation of papers from academics in universities across the SAARC region who have submitted their research findings and articles. The articles been evaluated by an expert technical panel and to be subsequently published after the initial deliberations.

This was a truly value addition to the subject discussed by selecting best 20 foreign and local authors. In a broad sense, the conference aimed to bring together management experts, scholars, practicing managers, business leaders, policy administers and academics from other countries of South Asia on a platform to discuss various connected issues and share their research findings.

There was a blind review process for evaluating the manuscript by at least one anonymous reviewer and based on that 14 Abstracts were selected from the 50+ submissions from multi-disciplines. The ‘Book of Abstracts” published by the Institute at the time of presentations which include details of abstracts.

Finally, the panel has selected the ‘Highly commendable Presenter’ of each session. They were selected based on a standard criterion; such as Scientific Content 40%, Clarity of Presentation 20%, Appropriate Audio Visual Aids 20%, and Ability to Handle Questions 10%, Timing 10%, and Total Marks 100%.

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